Travel How To: Score The Best Room

By Klara Racpan

The essential way to book hotel rooms and apartments effortlessly with one of the best and most practical booking site.

Do you want to know how to book the best rooms like I do? I am an avid traveler and a passionate explorer. I have visited countless cities, crossed paths with a lot of interesting individuals and accumulated colorful and exciting experiences.

Last year I I’ve traveled to six countries – Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Ecuador, Colombia and Costa Rica.

I was traveling by myself, and in order to meet fellow travelers, I stayed mostly in hostels.

Depending on whom you ask, hostels can either be the most convenient form of lodging or most uncomfortable when staying in another country.

I personally prefer getting a private room in a hostel rather than a hotel because of the friendly vibe.

 I’ve had my share of horror stories and heartwarming encounters. From dirty beddings and dilapidated bathrooms to accommodating staff and generous owners, you name it, I’ve experienced it.

And from all my travels, I realized that the key to surviving unfavorable circumstances is being patient and having a sense of humor.

Though this is easier said than done…

Imagine if you’ve been traveling for 12 hours straight, with not much sleep and food. At the slightest discomfort, patience and humor might go out the window.

how to book the best rooms

We all want a comfortable night’s sleep. Though sometimes there are factors beyond our control, any help that could guarantee a great stay will always be appreciated.
And aid comes in the form a well-known website called Booking

how to book the best rooms

I. What Is

It is an online resource that provides a list of accommodations for different countries.

Created for the modern-day traveler, it lists different types of lodging located in various neighborhoods and provides listings for all kinds of budgets.

II. What Do They Offer

This website is so convenient to use because of its specific filters which help the system narrow down thousands of choices.

It aims to match the perfect room, to your requirements.

how to book the best rooms

You can choose from the following options:

A) Traveling by yourself? No worries.


The main concern about traveling alone is safety. is aware of this and has created a special filter on how to book the best rooms for solo travelers. They know their clients well, and they are adapting their system to help appease concerns.

They’ve filtered options that are specifically useful for solo travelers.

This makes life so much easier, leaving you more time to research for activities in your destination.

how to book the best rooms

B) Traveling on a tight budget or Looking for luxury?

They’ve also got it covered.

Indicate your ideal price range, and they’ll do the research for you.

C) Are you conscious of star rating?


No problem.

Maybe you’re looking for a place that’s internationally recognized, or perhaps unfazed by stars.

They have categorized all options for every preference.

D) No patience researching?


I hear you! I am a spontaneous traveler because apart from the enjoyment of discovering activities and places once you’re there, I secretly have no tolerance for planning.

So this option comes in handy! Are you looking for a gym, a spa or perhaps a relaxing massage after a long day of walking?

Just tick the filter, and they’ll bring it right to you!

E) Want to hang your “Do Not Disturb” Sign?


If you’re conscious about sharing a bedroom or bathroom space then you can just indicate it here:

F) Discounts, Please!

Don’t forget to tick this option! I’ve booked rooms in posh hotels at half the published rates because of this feature.

Great way to get more bang for your buck!

G) Taking a red-eye flight?


I’ve done this several times and have woken up a dozen receptionists just so I can check in.

Not the best feeling to interrupt someone’s sleep so make sure you book at a place with 24/7 front desk assistance.

H) Want more payment options?

If you’re unsure about your travel plans but wish to secure a room, just tick this option so you can cancel at a day ( time may vary) before your supposed check-in.

Similarly, if you want to reserve your room without paying upfront, you may also do so.
I’ve done this many times with no hidden charges incurred.

I) Life’s a beach


If you’re heading to a tropical country and want to wake up next to the calm, blue waters, then this filter will make that happen.

J) Be Your Own Chef


Do you miss your country’s cuisine while traveling? No problem. You can find accommodations with kitchen access. Or if you want to be served brekkie when you wake then choose this option.

K) Want to stay in a Ryokan?


A Ryokan is a traditional Japanese Inn (Think: The Movie Last Samurai).
Whether you’re opting for an unusual lodging or perhaps looking for classic comforts, you can find your options here:

how to book the best rooms

L) Traveling with a loved one?
Did you know that sleeping next to someone you love ( be it a family member or significant other) reduces stress as it promotes a feeling of love, security, and safety?

Well in good but in times when you need personal space, rooms with twin beds are a welcome reprieve.

M) Want to consult others before booking?


Guest reviews are a great way to see actual photos of the place. Other people’s experiences also give you an idea of what to expect. But try to maintain objectivity when reading reviews.

A great way to gauge if a place is great is if you see a lot of good feedback. Also, look out for polite and well-written Management response on negative comments as it reflects good customer service.

N) How do I get there?


Airport Shuttle is extremely helpful for early flights or if you’re in unfamiliar territory. Thankfully, they’ve got it covered here.

Do you require other services and amenities? Choose from their options here:

how to book the best rooms
how to book the best rooms

O) Know exactly where you’re going?


Choose from the list of neighborhoods and pick from their suggested listings.

how to book the best rooms

P) Loyal To A Brand?


Maybe you like the service or want to earn more points, choose from the list of hotel chains available in your desired destination.

III. Personal Experience on how to (possibly) book the best rooms in my travels every time.


I am a huge fan of this site as it is so convenient to use. I love that you are not required to pay a reservation fee (they do keep your card details for cancellation fees) which gives you leeway to adjust plans or budget.

I also book here because of the special deals that give me up to 50% off on selected sites.
However, sometimes (especially in smaller towns) it will be cheaper to book when you arrive.

how to book the best rooms

I remember a time when I traveled to a small town in Costa Rica. I arrived late at night amid a typhoon with nowhere to stay. I decided to book on the spot and was lucky enough to get the last available room. But the couple who waited after me was not as fortunate.


Lesson learned: You can push your luck or prepare for it. It’s up to you. 😋


Even if you don’t book on the site, you can also use it as a resource to know where to go while exploring the city that you’ll be traveling to.

They also feature websites that offer transportation such as Flights, Trains, Rental Cars and Airport Taxis.

It’s a one-stop shop that anticipates your concerns and offers everything you’ll need in a site.

Are you preparing for your next travel? Or perhaps looking for new places to visit?

Try it out and let us know what you think!

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