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Everyone’s bucket list is full of “enjoying life to its fullest” goals.

  • But how many of us fulfill these goals?
  • And what happens if you don’t know where to start living it, or how?
  • Also, do you dream of traveling the world?
  • Or hiking the Appalachian Trail?
  • Furthermore, do you often envision yourself having the Peace and Freedom that you deserve?



Well everyone deserves to have a vision.

But unfortunately, not everyone gets the chance to find out how much they deserve.

Also, not everyone can see how beautiful our world happens to be.

So, think for a moment about what’s good in your life.. and what needs to be done to fulfill your dreams.

Well..don’t wait! Make memories today! Celebrate your life!




One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.  ~ William Feather

Who am I ??

Hello there!

I am John.

I have a passion for outdoor and recreational activities.

Throughout my life, I strived to fulfill my desires with what little I had. And with persistence, I always found ways to accomplish anything.

I really love traveling and organizing trips and adventures. No, I am not a Nomad, Vagabond or a Vlogger(yet) but I’ve acquired a fair amount of experience all these years.

One day, I decided that I should start sharing my knowledge with the world! And what better way of doing this than a website full of information, really helpful tips and step by step guides regarding many recreational topics such as traveling or camping.

All this information is based on my personal experience and the research that I did for you.

I have begun with traveling articles and hope that in time I’ll be able to monetize my site enough to expand my recreational topics and to be able to hire more top quality writers to deliver the top quality content that you deserve.

I hope you’ll have fun and enjoy my articles while contributing with your comments and suggestions.

Thank you for your time,

Kind regards,

John Koukoulakis, aka Adventorama


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